New Ground – Ravensbourne Postgraduate Degree Show

Our post graduate degree show is almost here. Why not come visit us on 20th-21st July at Ravensbourne.

Follow us on twitter @newgroundrave.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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Twitter for Business

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Intellectual Property: Trademarks

Trade marks are not registrable if they:

  • describe your goods or services or any characteristics of them, for example, marks which show the quality, quantity, purpose, value or geographical origin of your goods or services;
  • have become customary in your line of trade;
  • are not distinctive;
  • are three dimensional shapes, if the shape is typical of the goods you are interested in (or part of them), has a function or adds value to the goods;
  • are specially protected emblems;
  • are offensive;
  • are against the law, for example, promoting illegal drugs; or;
  • are deceptive. There should be nothing in the mark which would lead the public to think that your goods and services have a quality which they do not.
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Marketing Director

A forum I found that sums up the role of Marketing Director.

Check it out Stefano

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Role of Finance Director

Useful article that breaks down the role of the Finance Director.

Jerome this will probably be most useful for you. I’m just putting a few of the sentences into your job role for the Operational Plan.

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Quality Control

Just found this document that is pretty useful at getting an idea how our product could be quality controlled, and also what this actually means…

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Feedback from formative assessment

I photocopied the feedback from everyone.

Really useful stuff, I plan on doing a little write up and creating some kind of plan from what we have.

If everyone can go through it and pick out around 3 points that you feel are most important we can use this feedback constructively.

Cheers guys! Feedback

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